Benefits of Medical Thermography


“As simple as taking your picture.”

  • 100% Safe, No Radiation
  • Painless, no contact or compression
  • Early Health Screening
  • It can offer you a “first glance” of your body’s condition.
  • It also offers the benefit of pure & safe imaging. There is no risk of damage to the fragile cellular DNA or to delicate breast implants
  • It offers the unique insight of a first glance at developing conditions, long before the much later stage detection of conventional imaging.
  • All ages – puberty, pregnant, breast-feeding, pre-menopausal years and post- menopausal years.
  • All types of individuals – young or old, pregnant or not, those with dense breast tissue, fibrocystic or enhanced breasts, and those on hormone replacement therapy.


 **Thermography is not a stand-alone test and does not replace mammography or any other imaging device.