About Us:


Tampa Bay Thermography is a certified iScanHD Medical Imaging Center. The mission of iScanHD Centers is to create a standard of excellence; utilizing thermography as a significant screening tool for preventative healthcare. At Tampa Bay Medical Thermography, we have our thermograms interpreted by Physicians Insight MD’s, a network of Board Certified Medical Doctors who specialize in infrared imaging analysis.

Thermography detects sensitive and minute dynamic temperature changes of the skin. The skin functions as the communication hub for complex inter-connectivity of the body’s systems. Through infrared technology, (Thermography) the real time story of the body can be revealed making  Thermography ideal for preventive medicine. Early detection and the opportunity for timely investigation and intervention are key advantages for both patient and physician.

The standards we are held to:

  • The highest medical grade HD resolution camera
  • The most innovative analytic software
  • The scan interpretations by only board certified medical doctors who are trained and certified in thermography imaging
  • Certified clinical thermographers trained to scan using strict protocol developed for best patient compliance and results.

What this means for our patients:

The ability to detect problems early on is a tremendous advantage that is gained through technological advances in the medical field. The best possible preventative healthcare screenings of full body or regions of interest scans without radiation, no pain, noninvasive, and in total privacy. This is the standard we believe in for the preventative state of healthcare.

When selecting a medical thermography service, it is important to look for five criterias:

Camera – Hardware to capture thermal image.
Software – Image analysis
Protocols and techniques – Follow strict standards for thermal image evaluation
Technicians – Training and certification qualifications
Interpretations of Images – From a MD board certified and trained in Thermology.

Receive the best quality thermography services.

Why choose a Certified iScanHD imaging center?

  1. Created the highest industry Standard of Excellence
  2. iScanHD uses ONLY high-definition digital imagery with 307,000 pixels per image, essential for greater accuracy and critical analysis.
  3. Total Vision Software- Unique, patented and exclusively offered by iScanHD Imaging Centers                     .
  4. Interpretation by Physicians Insight- Board Certified MD’s, specialists in infrared imaging analysis.

All iScanHD  Certified centers mission is to create the standard of Excellence using Thermography as a significant screening tool in the preventative areas of healthcare areas of medicine. Medical thermography is one of these technological advances and provides a diagnostic medical imaging procedure that is non-invasive, objective, and relatively inexpensive.



**Thermography is not a stand-alone test and does not replace mammography or any other imaging device.